Here is your SEO Tip of the week by: John Alexander

Here is your SEO Tip of the week. Have you ever wondered if people don’t sometimes look to a search engine as though it were God? I mean look at the types of questions that people are asking Google things like:
why did the pilgrims leave England? why did i get married? why did they build the Brooklyn bridge? why did Dixie Carter die? Of course this is just a small sample using the root words “why did” and allowing Wordtrackers FREE tool to fill in the missing parts.

Other things you might try are phrases like: How to, Why would, When will, Why should, Where will, What if to name just a few phrases to try in Google Free Keyword question tool. Remember that any time you can answer a question like this in a helpful way, it represents another way top bring loads of new visitors to your site, even just with some mild optimization.

Try Wordtracker’s Free Question Tool here:

You next free tip is on the way shortly.

Source: John Alexander


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